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Bicycle tracks.

20 km safe and well-marked bicycle tracks enable the walkers/strollers to enjoy an exceptional environment while cycling or walking through the town.

The expansion of bicycle tracks in Port-Saint Louis shows the town’s intention to promote soft modes of transport.

The road from the Beach Napoléon (7, 5 Km)
The road from the Beach Carteau (3, 5 Km)
Avenue de la République (1, 5 km)
The Rhône dam (7 km)

Bikes are on rental for the all family all the year- round (sailing harbor master’s office).


FREE DOWNLOAD, 14 tours, trekking in the Camargue Regional Nature Park

Created in June 2014, 14 tours allow you to explore all of the different Camargue's landscapes. From the vineyards in the north to the beaches in the south, through the "sansouires" and the salt marshes, go in search of the emblematic Camargue animals, pink flamingos, bulls and Camargue horses.

Each desire has got its tour !

1/ The sea dike

2/ The marshes

3/ Bulls and Vineyards

4/ Discovering the Vaccarès Pond

5/ Camargue horses and rice paddies

6/ Between the bac du Sauvage ferry and Cacharel ranch

7/ The Méjanes trail

8/ The Vaccarès, a two-day trip around the pond

9/ Pink flamingos and salt pans

10/ Discover a southern factory-town

11/ Along the banks of the Rhône

12/ The city surrounder by water

13/ From the Van Gogh bridge to the Vigueirat swamps

14/ Alpilles, Crau, Camargue

These 14 tours and their brochures/map are also available for purchase (8.50€) in Camargue's Tourist Offices.
(Brochures available in French, English and German)


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Do you know it? Port Saint Louis du Rhône is the arrival city of "ViaRhôna, from the lake Leman to the Méditerranée", a bicycle road along 704 km. More informations.

[VIARHÔNA]Découvrez en image la ViaRhôna cette voie verte de 815 km qui débute du lac Léman et arrive chez à nous à #PSLjaimeMaVille Une piste cyclable qui permet de découvrir les trésors naturels de notre territoire si précieux Likez, commentez, partagez et restez connectés

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