Bull feast traditions

The town of Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône is steeped in a long tradition of bull feast.

Do you know it? Bull culture is the relation between bull and man. It’s a unique way of life in the world.

The bull run « Course Camarguaise » is a bloodless bull game. This tradition goes back to the 1890s when the bull farmers realized the importance of the breed of bull known as « Camargue Bull ». its morphology, resistance and readiness to fight predisposes this bull to running rather than working or meat production.

Also, from the very beginning of the century can we see high quality bulls and bullfighters called “raseteurs” (removing a decoration from between the horns of the bull) confronting each other in jury bullrings.

course camarguaisecourse camarguaise

Do you know it? A 3 or 4 years old Camargue run bull arrives in the arena and finishes his career between 15 and 16 years.

The municipal arenas in Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône welcome traditional Camargue runs. The bullpen entrance framing south walls represent galloping horses, whilst the walls of the refreshment room represent a Camargue landscape.

manade Jean Mansuyarenes municipales port saint louis facade arenes municipales port saint louis peinture

Do you know it? The bull run « Course Camarguaise » was suscribed to the France's immaterial cultural heritage list, the 3th of september in 2008, et en 2011,The French Camargue run federation has 2011 suggested the UNESCO to designate the Camargue run as a world immaterial cultural heritage.

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