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la mer les plages port saint louis

The town of Port Saint Louis is famous for its beaches : the Napoléon beach, the Olga beach and the Carteau beach.

Do you know it? In memory of the late deceased, the beaches derive their name from the captain or from grounded ship, forming thus sandbanks responsible for "Theys= local name for sandbanks" formation. The “Theys” consist of many sandbanks formed at the mouth of the river and gradually connecting to each other. The very fine sand gives the beaches of Port-Saint-Louis number of assets such as practice of watersports, many beach games, lazing on the beach, etc. Available to every season, the beaches offer relaxation and swimming opportunities.

The Napoléon beach

The Napoléon Beach is the Mediterranean exception! The size of the beach will surprise you upon your arrival. The Napoléon Beach :a 10 km long beach of fine sand.

Lying between the river and the sea, the beach has changed a lot according to the flow of the Rhône. Evidence of this is the north sandbank called « They de la Gracieuse » according to the name of a boat lying high and dry. This sandbank has formed and extended at the beginning of the XXth Century and shelters from that time forward a small bay called “the cove of Carteau” , very well known for its local mussel production.

The Napoléon beach is laid out to preserve the countryside, camping and caravanning are forbidden on the beach, only parking is authorized. Chestnut palings “ganivelles” hold back the sand of dunes; these slats are held together with wire. This chestnut fencing reduces strongly the damaging effects of wind and induces the gradual accumulation of sand to regenerate damaged sand dunes. This fencing allows plants to take roots while reinforcing the dune line and forming in this way a remarkable ecosystem. There can you see a lush flora and fauna. Dunes are colonized by beach grasses, everlasting flowers, sand dune lizards, beetles and rabbits. That’s also a breeding place for many birds such as the shorebirds, little Terns “Sterna albifrons”, seagulls etc…

Controlled swimming

The lifeguard station of the Napoléon Beach opens on busy season week-ends from half-June and every day from 1.July until 31.August.

Controlled swimming in the authorized area between 10.00 a.m and 18 p.m.

Access to the Napoléon Beach during high season
Price: 3,60€ one day and per vehicle from 9.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.

Free foot access
The beach bus: The summer beach bus transports you to the Napoléon Beach.
Information: Tel.: 04 42 77 07 07 -
Ticket unitaire à 1€ valable 2 heures.

Download here the regulations on this beach for the practice of the nautical activities as Kite.

Find all information back on the web site of the city.

The Olga beach

Before arriving at Olga beach, you will go through a typical hamlet of "cabanonniers" cottagers located near the waters edge, and will go along the Canal Saint-Louis. This is a charming shaded, well tended and atypical place. You will arrive at the waters edge once you’ve gone past the very small and charming port of Olga. On the Olga Beach will you find intimacy and conviviality, the flowers run on the beach, family swimming is very pleasant.

If you look to your left, you’ll see the industrial and harbour area of Fos sur Mer. If you look to your right, you’ll see the wild landscapes, which are a characteristic of lagoonal environments at the mouth of the Rhône.

Pay carefully attention when you get into the water, it is necessary to take care of natural environment.

The Carteau beach

Whereas the « cabanons » wooden chalets village of Carteau has an undeniable charm, the Carteau Beach has poor vegetation cover. The water is shallow here and more suitable for the practice of kitesurfing, windsurfing, horse riding, etc. as for swimming. Once on the beach will it be possible for you to locate the mussel farms, to admire sportsmen’s prowess practicing nautical activities and to practice angling on the sides of the pier leading to the lighthouse.

Download here the regulations on this beach for the practice of the nautical activities as Kite.

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