The nautical activities

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The nautical activities.

The blue tourism comes first in Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône. But how could it be any other way as the water surrounds the town!

The climatic conditions of air, water and wind are often ideal for practicing all kinds of nautical activities. You will have the choice between surf, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sea kayak.

The novice ship’s boy as well as the best sailor will find true happiness, either in search of discovery or either in search of extreme.

Port Saint Louis du Rhône set up a regulations of the practice of the nautical activities on the Carteau and Napoleon's beaches. To acquaint with it right now, you have the possibility of downloading them below.

Regulation on Carteau
Regulation on Napoleon Beach


Sailing on laser PICO, VAGO and BUG

The laser PICO is a stable sailboat thanks to its double storm sail. This little boat, easily dirigible, forgives you all your pilot errors. It is the sailing dinghy to do your first edges between friends or family.

Laser VAGO has 2 rigs and offering beginners and experienced the opportunity to sail simply and easily.

The laser BUG is one of the new generation of sailing built for youth initiations. Designed in 2008 by Jo Richard, an architect of Laser Performance. The Laser BUG could replace the famous OPTIMIST.

Boating center of Carteau - - 04 42 86 90 40


Funboard and windsurfing board

The funboard as the windsurfing board are constituted by a floating corck propelled by a sail which is moved by your hands and arms. Can be used from 9 years and also by people looking for speed and sport.

Boating center of Carteau - - 04 42 86 90 40


Le stand up paddle

Born from the surfing, the stand up paddle is a floating corck where the user stands up on and moves with a paddle. This pratical is adapted to everyone and every level.

Boating center of Carteau - - 04 42 86 90 40


Le Kayak de mer

Le kayak de mer conçu pour les promenades et les randonnées marines permet de se déplacer assis à l’aide d’une pagaie double sur un espace presque infini.

Boating center of Carteau - - 04 42 86 90 40

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